The Tartaric Beacon of Miami Beach....

....is perched 10 feet above the excitingly glutted commerce of Lincoln Road. It is clearly a tombstone for the artistic & wasted demon Miami Beach might have been. That is more than likely projection. The truth more than likely is : they couldn't afford a super duper professional sign so they got the cousin in the family who was an "artist" to paint a cheap piece of sign plastic and they stuck it up there. Who cares really.....the thing was an absolute visual triumph of our trip to Miami Beach.



It's not your father's angel dust, but it might be your great grandmother's titular druglord freakout.


Even In Miami, Throbbing Members Can't Shake Neckface.

There has to be upwards of 7 million toilets in Miami. Combined with the excreting community of it's sister city Ft. Lauderdale, I am sure it reaches the double digits of millions. That's a lot of porcelain for all to tower over & let loose the liquid and lunch that has been rumbling in their traffic zone(s). So why on earth did I have to walk into the one Urine Kingdom that Mexican demon scribbler NECKFACE tagged?
Even in Miami, I can't seem to shake the
kuroneko that is New York City.



It is not far fetched from any grandiose fact that I am overtly & painfully juiced, flayed & populated by movies. All kinds. Now, giving you rude examples of how wide my valley is cinema stumping masturbation, would just be projection and distillation of an ever growing list of time wasted in front of a flat screen. Basically, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Instead and very occasionally I will be flashing some serious filmic gang signs on STOMACH! : hog stepping, dog earring and detailing minor moments in the bulging cinematic road that I find are a conscious influence on Steak Mtn. and the work I do on top, within & underneath that heavy platform.
Below is the trailer for Mario Bava's TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE (or Bay of Blood). The movie is great. No lie. But the trailer is an absolute design triumph, basically giving you nothing of plot, but plenty in color & eruptious violent glamour. I saw this about about 10 years ago and it really bled out what I wanted to do with Steak Mtn. commercially and visually. Watch this, and then find the movie.


YAY! GOD! : The Rapture

Fear not youth, fear not old age, fear not the Fear of God bootleg that you got from some obtuse & encrusted distro. The limited edition print for Apenest is coming soon, maybe not for Jesus' birthday, but around that time. In addition to a wall hanging man, you can also own the shirt, which is getting piped out of the trumpet of No Idea. All will be told, unfolded and read back to you in tri when the corner for this dueling artwork has been wedged.


Welcome To The New, Remember The Old!

I moved the blog from the old Stomach! to what you are looking at, which is triumphantly the new Stomach! But, with all this flurry of change, water powering down into the fresh canals of your mind, don't forget to reference the old Stomach! for all the ancient 2007 and way back Steak data you need.

ALSO!!!!! Look no further than this link here for freshly baked blog called The Liquorice containing almost all un-Steak related postings about other artists, movies loved, stupid images collected and other wastes of your and mines time.