Fake Problems "It's Great To Be Alive" : Return to the Youth S(m)ell.

Men, Kids & Womens :

This is the recently committed (02/17/09!!!), totally OK'd for public consumption design for Fake Problem's upcoming LP, "It's Great To Be Alive"

I will sinfully mention that I am particularly proud of this one. I will also mention to this speckled room of spectators that I distinctly wanted to design something that frankenstein'd two of P. Saville's woefully fantastic covers for New Order : Power, Lies & Corruption and Technique. Unbeknowst to most scientists, scholars and this Steak Mtn., all you get when you try that out is a Depeche Mode record cover......but who cares. I like it, they like it and considering this potentially will be viewed alongside Flogging Molly coasters...er, I mean record covers.....magically turns this into the fucking Mona Lisa. 

"It's Great To Be Alive" will be seen as the walkabout of their career, so keep your eyes pegged on their Myspace page for touring updates, blog posts & comments made by perniciously teen'd youth who want to touch Derek Perry's undercarriage.


Mark McCoy's WOUND Show opens in Philadelphia. GO!

I have not been able to fully write about my love for McCoy's recent volume of transgressive collages, aptly titled WOUND. It is expressive, uncomfortable & brimmed with abject tension. Mark's art is so multifaceted & amazing. He is one of my main inspirations, work ethic and applied aesthetic : you can't tell what he will do next or what style he will be carrying on with, but it is always fresh, mind melting & energetic. I am not sure if the book can still be purchased from Heart Worm, but I recommend you get on it before it costs a million kid dollars on ebay. 

But, what I am really writing this post about is that he has a show opening tomorrow night, in Philadelphia, at a place called Juanita and Juan's featuring work from the WOUND book. All the show information is on the above jpg. If you are in Philadelphia, PLEASE go out and support Mark & then go home and take a shower....because you might feel sort of Port Authority men's room grimy after looking at the guignolistic, moreauvian images he has to offer.


Pettigrew On Steak Mtn.

There is a new interview with me....or rather Steak Mtn., which I suppose is me....alright : me. An interview with ME, Christopher Norris, Steak Mtn. over at the Alternative Press website. The address on the direct spot it is at is : CLICK HERE. Due to my respect & enjoyment of the man asking the questions (Jason Pettigrew, long time supporter of Steak stuff), I have given pretty right on, truthful answers......in some cases too truthful or at least too truthfully laced with dimmed malice. 

So, once again, move on : if you are a familiar with this blog, then I understand if you want to skip the read, as it seems in the past year I have doled out the self important spurters every few months or so. BUT, at least give Pettigrew's personal accounts of music and pop culture a tap, he has a fluid and well plied writing style that needs more eyes scanning it.


Light Yourself On Fire "Intimacy" : Buy Metal.

Gimped in the visionary gear of tactile thunder, Light Yourself on Fire's newest EP "Intimacy" peppers your soft parts with an electric pummeling played endlessly through an audible and fisted fast forward button. Lipped in literary personality, smashed forward by concrete hands, LYOF have served numerous years in "underground" bands like Reversal of Man, Scrog, and Omega Man. They produce the sort of metal blitzkreig that leaves all vacuumed until it's final thud and garble shuttles forth your bodies juices and ooze. 

And in a familiar turn of movement but not aesthetics, I did the design for the whole record. A sort departure from my recent rash of hand drawn goofs, I looked well into my enthusiasm for vintage movie admats to make a slice and diced behemoth of primary synchronicity (see image). The vinyl, CD and download have been available for about a month from Chicago's
Seventh Rule. Do your delicate nature a favor by rubbing it raw with the ripped expressions of instruments that fear nothing.


Tom Gabel "Heart Burns" Cover Art

Somewhere nestled deep in the leaflets of daily sonics, city-sized traveling duties & the forever folding forth of his band's creative future, Tom Gabel has found enough time to write/record a small army of songs for his first solo record, "Heart Burns".

I just finalized the cover art for it, Sire is slathering all seven songs deep into record collections October 28th & Gabel is playing a spiced number of lo fi shows in the Fall to promote it

Here is the cover :


Juiced Policy, Buttering Moments & New Threading.

After the chilling ice age came hulking rainbow'd towers livened with a life that both the boring & fanatically hateful would run from. What could be found in the black afterbirth of these massive movers of terror was lapsed time, ennui and transferred toil.

But I have been busy on some Steak Mtn. stuff, just not internet excited enough to follow through with putting it out there for anyone to see.

Here are some links to things that have been worked on recently :

1.) This Against Me! poster.

2.) A few pages in the new Faesthetic!

3.) A poster that comes with the new Apenest! But if you buy direct from Cody you will also have a chance to get the "YAY! GOD!" screenprint.

4.) A year or so ago I drew a small comic strip to be included in Danny Hellman's totally rad TYPHON anthology. Search it out. Exciting work in there.

5.) Orlando, August 16th. Me, Tes One, Bask and some other kid are having a small art show. My work is old as fuck, circa April and the Threadless show, but if you have never seen it in person and want to waste time in Orlando, you should go.

6.) Soon you will see the release of Light Yourself on Fire's EP "Intimacy". I designed the whole thing and it is coming out on Seventh Rule. I will fill in the blanks more on this one once it is out.

7.) A few months back I goofed my way through a group show entitled "the Second Coming" at Pale Horse Gallery in St. PEtersburg, Florida. They made a book of everyones work, and if you click this link, you can purchase it. A few great artists and a stack of total junkers, but worth the price tag for sure.

In April 09, me and Dick Horsebites are having a show in lovely Lancaster, PA. It should be called MOIST, MAMMAL, DOOM. But we may change it before that, who knows. Also, next year will bring Horsebites, CSDIV and my snowboard designs for Rome. I am sure all three of us will be spreading our thin words on these massive boards when they are available for purchase.

That's all for now.


DECAPITATED DOOMSDAY! (Threadless Select!)

Act fast, swift, prolong not the future of your shirted veneer...because my SUPER limited Threadless Select shirt is online now at THREADLESS.COM! Costly for sure, silly at best, this dauntlessly dipped abomination will only be available for a really limited moment or two.....check the site for the dwindling size numbers & see not only my deshackled freedom from lying, but the images of what true off color cosmetic textile meltdown actually looks like. Every shirt is unique in it’s neo-died-in-the-wool rubdown, complete with dual sided skull head reflectors for you summertime night bike dreamboats out there in kid land!

Here is a banner ad link!
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Decapitated Doomsday - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever




THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR!, a solo exhibition of new drawings by Steak Mtn., opens at The Threadless Gallery in Chicago from April 4th to April 29th, with an opening party on the 4th from 7pm to 9pm.

For THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR!, Steak Mtn. is hanging three different phases of his work. The first section will be dedicated to showcasing the hundreds of xeroxed voodoo, doodles on tracing paper and full scale ink illustrations that have been utilized for some of the punk & noise records he has designed and illustrated over the past ten years. The second section will be images from a small series of color studies that rely on text and inky illustration to create disparate & seamy narratives. The third section will be the debut of his very recent pencil drawings, a series structured on transgressive statements, haunted house imagery & thick seeming minimalism.

Steak Mtn. will be on hand for the opening with a limited three color screenprint made for especially for EXPLOSIVE, plus that night their will be the premiere of a (long in the works) top secret Steak project. If you can't make the anytime in April, all of the work (minus the Scrapbook Wall of Death) is online at http://www.steakmtn.com/explosive.

Steak Mtn.

Bio :
Steak Mtn. (or Christopher Norris) is a vaguely successful graphic artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Since 1996, he has been illustrating/designing records, merchandise and ephemera for bands & record labels with clients including Against Me!, Atom and his Package, Panthers, Sire/Warner Bros., Vice/Atlantic & Earache Records. Recently, he has been branching out from the music industry by bringing his graphic gallows humor to snowboards (Rome), branding (MTV, Esther Creative Group) & clothing companies (Threadless Select, Shirtkiller, Art in the Age).



Next week on APRIL 4TH, my first solo show is happening in Chicago at the THREADLESS GALLERY (THREADLESS RETAIL STORE). I will post more about it this monumental evhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifen next week, but in the meantime look at the BONGOUT SHIRT I DID recently and a really frank & LOUDMOUTH INTERVIEW I did a few months ago that I forgot all about. Sometimes you design things you wished you didn't forget, sometimes you say things publicly you wish you could forget forever.

Here is the poster for next weeks triumphant THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR!!!!


The Second Coming of Golf



30+ local, national and international artists will be showcasing Four-Horseman themed artwork.
St. Petersburg, FL, March 1st, 2008 – With Blackout Creations no more, graphic designer, Chris Parks is carrying on with the new name, Pale Horse Graphic Design and Art Gallery. To celebrate this new beginning, a new art exhibit entitled "The Second Coming" will be on display starting Saturday, March 15th through Saturday, March 29th, 2008.

This exhibit includes new works by Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Rob Schwager, Hydro 74, Bask, Red Labor, Jarrod Eastman, Steak Mountain, Horsebites, Dan Mumford Josh Taylor and many more. You may have seen artwork by these artists in magazines like Juxtapoz and Computer Arts, as the cover art for your favorite CD, on the t-shirt you are wearing right now or at other galleries across the globe. Well-known, Tampa Bay area artist, Brandon Dunlap, is also co-curating the show.

The opening reception is Saturday, March 15th from 8:00 - 11:00 pm at 19 MLK Jr. St. S., St. Petersburg, FL.

There is no cover, all ages are welcome and free drinks with proper ID.

Music provided by DJ Muggles. Sponsored by Scion and Red Bull.

Also for more info and directions to Pale Horse, please visit.
Pale Horse Link

So......here is the image I gave them. I mean, Nicklaus......"Old Nick"....right? Evil? Anyway.....


RADAR EYES curated by Seripop in Chicago!

On top of DRAW in London, I am also in the RADAR EYES that opens in Chicago tomorrow, Friday March 7th. It is curated by the trusted wackos of Montreal, Seripop, who are pretty much the absolute final word on screenprinting alchemy these days. My piece in the show is YAY GOD :
Which you have seen floating around these parts for a bit. If you can't make it to Chicago to purchase this, then go over here or here and order a copy of Apenest from Cody. He is including a very small run of YAY GOD screenprints as a small incentive of buying issue 2 from him directly.

Here is the press release for RADAR EYES.

FRIDAY MARCH 7, 2008 7pm - 1am
The Co-prosperity Sphere presents:

curated by Reuben Kincaid and Seripop

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St

Canadian Print duo Seripop (http://www.seripop.com) and Reuben Kincaid ( http://www.reubenkincaid.blogspot.com/ ) are hosting a large group show representing the works of over 40 different experimental printmakers on March 7, 2008. The exhibition contains work sharing a similar aesthetic highlighting the talents of artists and designers making hand drawn, ephemeral work. Many of the prints depict distortions of perception, altered states of awareness and geometric, sometimes hallucinogenic subject matter or compositions.

For a quick look at a few of the hundred or so works on display please visit:

Show opens at 7pm

At 9pm we will ask for a $5 donation for the hot entertainment

Live music By the Chandeliers and Fought
Beer by Grolsch
Cookies Courtesy: Aron Kincaid

For more information go to:

!!!!! This show inaugurates a new era for the Co-Prosperity Sphere. We made some upgrades and improvements to the space and hope you like it as much as we do !!!!

If you really really dig prints and want a special preview of the work before it is all sold please join us between 6-9pm on Thursday, March 6 for a preview at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.



People of the United Kingdom! I am in a group show that opens this Friday, March 7th (and closes March 23rd) at http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif called DRAW. Curated by Erik Foss & Curse Mackey, and featuring rad people like (my trusted friend) Mark McCoy, Chris Johanson, Kerry King (yes....that KK), Maya Hayuk, Clive Barker, Kat Von D & about a bajillion other quality pencil and pen movers. Click here and here to see my two pieces if in fact you are not a London Dungeoner. Below is the show flyer! Awesome!


Enlarged Icicle Horrors From The Hungry Hanger.

In a spectacular coup (& with the help of Thalia), I have been let in the back door of the very exciting group show DRAW. Curated by Erik Foss & Curse Mackey, it opens on March 7th at the StolenSpace Gallery in London, leaves there on March 30th and then apparently goes to Tokyo, Moscow and Beijing. Crazy. Other totally rad people in this show are (my trusted friend) Mark McCoy, Chris Johanson, Kerry King (yes....that KK), Maya Hayuk, Clive Barker, Kat Von D & about a bajillion other quality pencil and pen movers. Pretty Rad. Click on the image below to see both of my images in the show.

On a not so triumphant note, you can see the three rejected Green Day Shirt designs by clicking on the image that says GRED ENYA below. I know....I thought it would have been funny as well.



Mark your internal clocks : THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR is my solo show coming up at the freshly opened Threadless Gallery in Chicago. The show will coincide with the retail premier of my official Threadless textile mansion, DECAPITATED DOOMSDAY : a hand dipped, double sided, 6 color screened glittering behemoth of a shirt. Due to the confines of contract, I can't release the image of that yet, but know this....you, the reader, may want to might wear it.

THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR will open on April 4th and should contain about 50 new & sort of newish drawings. I don't really have any of the stuff scanned yet, but I did snap three lo fi progress shots of a current drawing I have been slaving over. Pun totally intended.



Last month I did an interview with Tobias at NO PAIN IN POP, a completely rad UK record label that also just happens to throw parties as well. From the looks of their FLICKR page, it is all tidal waves of sweaty youths and neon, which in the context of people on people fun, is great for naked and clothed good times. Click this link here for my interview with Tobias of NO PAIN IN POP, it is actually one of the more no bullshit, truth telling interviews I have given.

As a side note, Tobias is an absolutely amazing artist in his own right, and remains one of my favorite picture drawers on that side of the world......for proof ask him how much fan mail it took me for him to write me back. Lots. Like....a whole lot.