Enlarged Icicle Horrors From The Hungry Hanger.

In a spectacular coup (& with the help of Thalia), I have been let in the back door of the very exciting group show DRAW. Curated by Erik Foss & Curse Mackey, it opens on March 7th at the StolenSpace Gallery in London, leaves there on March 30th and then apparently goes to Tokyo, Moscow and Beijing. Crazy. Other totally rad people in this show are (my trusted friend) Mark McCoy, Chris Johanson, Kerry King (yes....that KK), Maya Hayuk, Clive Barker, Kat Von D & about a bajillion other quality pencil and pen movers. Pretty Rad. Click on the image below to see both of my images in the show.

On a not so triumphant note, you can see the three rejected Green Day Shirt designs by clicking on the image that says GRED ENYA below. I know....I thought it would have been funny as well.



Mark your internal clocks : THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR is my solo show coming up at the freshly opened Threadless Gallery in Chicago. The show will coincide with the retail premier of my official Threadless textile mansion, DECAPITATED DOOMSDAY : a hand dipped, double sided, 6 color screened glittering behemoth of a shirt. Due to the confines of contract, I can't release the image of that yet, but know this....you, the reader, may want to might wear it.

THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR will open on April 4th and should contain about 50 new & sort of newish drawings. I don't really have any of the stuff scanned yet, but I did snap three lo fi progress shots of a current drawing I have been slaving over. Pun totally intended.