THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR!, a solo exhibition of new drawings by Steak Mtn., opens at The Threadless Gallery in Chicago from April 4th to April 29th, with an opening party on the 4th from 7pm to 9pm.

For THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PICTURE OF THE YEAR!, Steak Mtn. is hanging three different phases of his work. The first section will be dedicated to showcasing the hundreds of xeroxed voodoo, doodles on tracing paper and full scale ink illustrations that have been utilized for some of the punk & noise records he has designed and illustrated over the past ten years. The second section will be images from a small series of color studies that rely on text and inky illustration to create disparate & seamy narratives. The third section will be the debut of his very recent pencil drawings, a series structured on transgressive statements, haunted house imagery & thick seeming minimalism.

Steak Mtn. will be on hand for the opening with a limited three color screenprint made for especially for EXPLOSIVE, plus that night their will be the premiere of a (long in the works) top secret Steak project. If you can't make the anytime in April, all of the work (minus the Scrapbook Wall of Death) is online at http://www.steakmtn.com/explosive.

Steak Mtn.

Bio :
Steak Mtn. (or Christopher Norris) is a vaguely successful graphic artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Since 1996, he has been illustrating/designing records, merchandise and ephemera for bands & record labels with clients including Against Me!, Atom and his Package, Panthers, Sire/Warner Bros., Vice/Atlantic & Earache Records. Recently, he has been branching out from the music industry by bringing his graphic gallows humor to snowboards (Rome), branding (MTV, Esther Creative Group) & clothing companies (Threadless Select, Shirtkiller, Art in the Age).