Juiced Policy, Buttering Moments & New Threading.

After the chilling ice age came hulking rainbow'd towers livened with a life that both the boring & fanatically hateful would run from. What could be found in the black afterbirth of these massive movers of terror was lapsed time, ennui and transferred toil.

But I have been busy on some Steak Mtn. stuff, just not internet excited enough to follow through with putting it out there for anyone to see.

Here are some links to things that have been worked on recently :

1.) This Against Me! poster.

2.) A few pages in the new Faesthetic!

3.) A poster that comes with the new Apenest! But if you buy direct from Cody you will also have a chance to get the "YAY! GOD!" screenprint.

4.) A year or so ago I drew a small comic strip to be included in Danny Hellman's totally rad TYPHON anthology. Search it out. Exciting work in there.

5.) Orlando, August 16th. Me, Tes One, Bask and some other kid are having a small art show. My work is old as fuck, circa April and the Threadless show, but if you have never seen it in person and want to waste time in Orlando, you should go.

6.) Soon you will see the release of Light Yourself on Fire's EP "Intimacy". I designed the whole thing and it is coming out on Seventh Rule. I will fill in the blanks more on this one once it is out.

7.) A few months back I goofed my way through a group show entitled "the Second Coming" at Pale Horse Gallery in St. PEtersburg, Florida. They made a book of everyones work, and if you click this link, you can purchase it. A few great artists and a stack of total junkers, but worth the price tag for sure.

In April 09, me and Dick Horsebites are having a show in lovely Lancaster, PA. It should be called MOIST, MAMMAL, DOOM. But we may change it before that, who knows. Also, next year will bring Horsebites, CSDIV and my snowboard designs for Rome. I am sure all three of us will be spreading our thin words on these massive boards when they are available for purchase.

That's all for now.