Light Yourself On Fire "Intimacy" : Buy Metal.

Gimped in the visionary gear of tactile thunder, Light Yourself on Fire's newest EP "Intimacy" peppers your soft parts with an electric pummeling played endlessly through an audible and fisted fast forward button. Lipped in literary personality, smashed forward by concrete hands, LYOF have served numerous years in "underground" bands like Reversal of Man, Scrog, and Omega Man. They produce the sort of metal blitzkreig that leaves all vacuumed until it's final thud and garble shuttles forth your bodies juices and ooze. 

And in a familiar turn of movement but not aesthetics, I did the design for the whole record. A sort departure from my recent rash of hand drawn goofs, I looked well into my enthusiasm for vintage movie admats to make a slice and diced behemoth of primary synchronicity (see image). The vinyl, CD and download have been available for about a month from Chicago's
Seventh Rule. Do your delicate nature a favor by rubbing it raw with the ripped expressions of instruments that fear nothing.