Pettigrew On Steak Mtn.

There is a new interview with me....or rather Steak Mtn., which I suppose is me....alright : me. An interview with ME, Christopher Norris, Steak Mtn. over at the Alternative Press website. The address on the direct spot it is at is : CLICK HERE. Due to my respect & enjoyment of the man asking the questions (Jason Pettigrew, long time supporter of Steak stuff), I have given pretty right on, truthful answers......in some cases too truthful or at least too truthfully laced with dimmed malice. 

So, once again, move on : if you are a familiar with this blog, then I understand if you want to skip the read, as it seems in the past year I have doled out the self important spurters every few months or so. BUT, at least give Pettigrew's personal accounts of music and pop culture a tap, he has a fluid and well plied writing style that needs more eyes scanning it.