Fake Problems "It's Great To Be Alive" : Return to the Youth S(m)ell.

Men, Kids & Womens :

This is the recently committed (02/17/09!!!), totally OK'd for public consumption design for Fake Problem's upcoming LP, "It's Great To Be Alive"

I will sinfully mention that I am particularly proud of this one. I will also mention to this speckled room of spectators that I distinctly wanted to design something that frankenstein'd two of P. Saville's woefully fantastic covers for New Order : Power, Lies & Corruption and Technique. Unbeknowst to most scientists, scholars and this Steak Mtn., all you get when you try that out is a Depeche Mode record cover......but who cares. I like it, they like it and considering this potentially will be viewed alongside Flogging Molly coasters...er, I mean record covers.....magically turns this into the fucking Mona Lisa. 

"It's Great To Be Alive" will be seen as the walkabout of their career, so keep your eyes pegged on their Myspace page for touring updates, blog posts & comments made by perniciously teen'd youth who want to touch Derek Perry's undercarriage.