Mark McCoy's WOUND Show opens in Philadelphia. GO!

I have not been able to fully write about my love for McCoy's recent volume of transgressive collages, aptly titled WOUND. It is expressive, uncomfortable & brimmed with abject tension. Mark's art is so multifaceted & amazing. He is one of my main inspirations, work ethic and applied aesthetic : you can't tell what he will do next or what style he will be carrying on with, but it is always fresh, mind melting & energetic. I am not sure if the book can still be purchased from Heart Worm, but I recommend you get on it before it costs a million kid dollars on ebay. 

But, what I am really writing this post about is that he has a show opening tomorrow night, in Philadelphia, at a place called Juanita and Juan's featuring work from the WOUND book. All the show information is on the above jpg. If you are in Philadelphia, PLEASE go out and support Mark & then go home and take a shower....because you might feel sort of Port Authority men's room grimy after looking at the guignolistic, moreauvian images he has to offer.