Moist, Mammal Movements Arriving.

A pre-warning if you will, settling my soft hammer nicely into the queue of your late March thoughts : the Steak Mtn. / Horsebites art extravaganza MOIST. MAMMAL. DOOM. is rapidly approaching the greater Amish Americas sooner than maybe Dick and I want to really be ready for. The show slips from our siamese birth canal on April 3rd and then runs our reputations to a fine powder for 27 days at The Metropolis Gallery in beautiful Lancaster, PA. I can't say what Minino will be bringing to the table, but prepared to see some familiar (read : old) work and some slight, experimental failures (read : disappointing for anyone expecting to see Against Me! styled art) from my half of the marriage. Once I figure out how to get images of the new stuff, I will begin putting some of it here and there so you can either get juiced or bummed. Closer to it's nudity, I am sure both our self serving publicity machines will make sure you sarcastically know where, when and why it is happening.

Also, for those that are sort of interested (read : my relatives who need to have what I do validated by hearing "Steak Mountain" said on a major cable network), Gabel was interviewed on Steven's Untitled Rock Show, where he gives the mysterious Steak identity a much appreciated shove into traffic. WATCH IT HERE!


Exorcising Funeral Moons.

I'm back. It's a fresh fleshed greeting from the gutter grave of a terrible year. Alright, it's boring to say that last year was terrible, because really, all the negative kids say that and from me I am sure it is just rout snore fest. So, the year was actually fine, like all humans it had ups, downs, bigger bummers, a few blood boils and the general growth that any jerk with a brain can count on. So, who cares. Let's get down to business.

.......yes, thank you, you're right, it's factual, no kidding, sincerely, indeed there is a new Steak Mtn. webstore that has been created, brought to life, revived from a dead idea, etc. and it is called EXORCISE! Eventually it will be filled to the gills with un-band related Steak gear of many genres and races : shirts, tote bags, original drawings, printed matters....you get the idea...it's not high concept, it's commerce so all the usual buying stuff suspects will be accounted for. Right now as a test run, Nathan and the Merchline squad have created the site and I slipped them some of the limited prints from two years agos collab squeezefest : The '64 Death Pack. I realize the prices are steep, but realize that you might want to get in on the ground level with some of these prints cause Gabel, Bowen and Horsebites are only getting more popular and exciting to the kids with money to burn and having these will be a collectors something at some point. Look out soon for a limited edition shirt of my ADULTS ONLY! drawing and rocksteady colored totebag of IT'S THE TOTAL DOOMRIDE. I am sure I will be sending out a commercial for you to read about when they are available for you's to buy. BUT REMEMBER : EXORCISE!

Also, please note I have done a new Steak signature shirt for SHIRTKILLER. If you remember correctly, as you should, I ran freely into a overprinted frenzy with them for the Octoskull design a year or so back. I have returned to their fold with a shirt of my FUNERAL MOON drawing. They are taking pre-orders now and should begin printing and sending things off in the next few weeks, follow the link to get yourself outfitted with all the black metal breakfast table irony.

Here is an image of it :