Moist, Mammal Movements Arriving.

A pre-warning if you will, settling my soft hammer nicely into the queue of your late March thoughts : the Steak Mtn. / Horsebites art extravaganza MOIST. MAMMAL. DOOM. is rapidly approaching the greater Amish Americas sooner than maybe Dick and I want to really be ready for. The show slips from our siamese birth canal on April 3rd and then runs our reputations to a fine powder for 27 days at The Metropolis Gallery in beautiful Lancaster, PA. I can't say what Minino will be bringing to the table, but prepared to see some familiar (read : old) work and some slight, experimental failures (read : disappointing for anyone expecting to see Against Me! styled art) from my half of the marriage. Once I figure out how to get images of the new stuff, I will begin putting some of it here and there so you can either get juiced or bummed. Closer to it's nudity, I am sure both our self serving publicity machines will make sure you sarcastically know where, when and why it is happening.

Also, for those that are sort of interested (read : my relatives who need to have what I do validated by hearing "Steak Mountain" said on a major cable network), Gabel was interviewed on Steven's Untitled Rock Show, where he gives the mysterious Steak identity a much appreciated shove into traffic. WATCH IT HERE!