HALLOW by Mark McCoy : Friday the 13th!

HALLOW by Mark McCoy
Opening Party Friday March 13 from 7pm to 10pm
Hope Gallery, Echo Park, Los Angeles

I always say this, all the time to anyone who will listen : Mark McCoy is one of my favorite artists, ever. He's a polymathic and confidently driven artist, successfully upturning multiple means of communication to project what his bio states as an exploration of "identity formation, socialized sexuality, and psychological ramifications of developmental behavioral patterns." Heavy for sure, but just shows that he is conscious of what he is doing, from low to high and is a great example of what I feel has become the newish lore of our generation : smart kids who like dumb stuff. Sure it's dark, sure it's occasionally loud, sure it hits you on a base level with it's design, violence and/or titillation....but if given the chance the work can be busted open to reveal an intellect and excitement unplaced in normal interpretations of these types of images.

To get the non-punk kids up to speed, McCoy's most recognizable work is the graphic design done for the numerous bands he has fronted and/or the records he has scattered out through his label, Youth Attack Records. A few years ago on a quest to fully realize what he was doing past the monochrome that populated parts of sweaty hardcore kid's record collections, I asked him to see what he had, was working on, etc., etc. We went through a lot of his work as he was in the process of trying to get a portfolio of his extended abilities online. I was not fully ready for what he showed me : transgressive collage work, phantasmagoric polaroids and these carefully rendered ink drawings of melded nudity and mashed architecture. At the time, I am sure I embarrassed both of us with my enthusiasm, but it felt like I was seeing something that needed to be represented publicly. 

There was a Myspace page for them, they ended up in some group shows and now, flash forward to this moment : he has a show opening tonight, March 13th (Hope Gallery in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles) called HALLOW that features 9 brand new, large, intense drawings (and a 2xLP of music that corresponds with the art) that I KNOW he has been laboring over for quite some time now. In order to not a miss a beat or get something wrong, here is Hope Gallery's press release :

Hope Gallery is excited to present an exhibition of new work by the New York City-based artist Mark McCoy. Entitled HALLOW, the exhibition runs from Friday March 13th through April 11th 2009. Hope Gallery is located at 1547 Echo Park Ave in Los Angeles.

HALLOW is a collection of ink drawings on paper depiciting a sprawling ethereal dimension of decaying corpses, architectural disassembly and alchemical transmutation. With a delicate handling of coarse subject matter, McCoy investigates man's profound desire for self-destruction and champions the concept of Death as a vital developmental process in reaching a higher understanding of the Self.

To accompany HALLOW's visuals, McCoy has created an audio soundtrack 2 x LP for the exhibition. Each musical composition corresponds to a drawing featured in the show, the side of each disc showcasing a consistent breakdown of structure mirrored by an intensifying sense of isolation and reverie.

This is McCoy at a new level, so if you have a moment tonight (or over the next month and are in L.A.), I urge you to stop in and see his show. It's a full production of doom and despair filtered through a controlled and knowing hand.

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