Two Happenings, One Terraformed Continent.

Thursday March 5th, 6pm to 9pm

Long Live the Ephemeral curated by Ryan Jacob Smith

Fontanelle Gallery. Portland, Oregon.

Ryan Jacob Smith bubbles up and brings together a disparate, mangled menagerie of artists who have made minor and major strides in making artwork for many rock bands and their consumer/consumable parts. A daunting task, but Ryan has really pulled tight a nice survey of some of us. There is me, Mark McCoy, Sam McPheeters, Seripop, Brian Roettinger and a mishmash of other quality "image" makers. It's up all month at the gallery, with an opening party of Thursday March 5th from 6 to 9.

Here is a link to the show's press release!

Friday March 6th, 7pm to 9pm

Hereafter by Alexis Mackenzie

Threadless Gallery, Chicago.

Alexis Mackenzie will be exhibiting a full and frankenstein'd battalion of her freshest work at the Threadless Gallery in Chicago. Her phantasmagorical constructs will be bustling their ambience all of March, but if you breathe the wood paneling of Chicago then you ought to crawl your self to the opening on Friday, March 6th and project your enthusiasm for monumental, nonfinite artwork.

Here are some links for Alexis :