Cult Ritual.

A PUCKERED NAPE : Below is one of the three front faces of the first Cult Ritual LP out now on Youth Attack. This, of course, is the one I designed.

THE STAIN TRAIL : I can't tell if any well proportioned listeners of punk music will take to Cult Ritual's leveling use of the form as a prison for flayed ideas & quartered mangles of nihilism, anger, manipulation........but I would like to think it's at least possible. For me, 30 some odd years after....let's say....Black Flag angsted about the West Coast, a hardcore band should be less about how well you beat your instruments up and more about how horrible you sand the genre's primal elements across any listener's tuned appreciation. It's about making sure it feels like everything is about to break into pieces, blow the seams, boil the body. It's about about gutting and slicing the lively parts & wearing them for a cannibal night in fear. It's about muddled mastery and enthusiasm for atmosphere over etched regurgitation. Or maybe, I am projecting to wide a net for something so rooted in being a mannered, musical troglodyte. Regardless, I am obviously about to say that I feel Cult Ritual is occupying a ferocious spot in all of that well-trodden land, giving credence to my "yes" of designing a record cover for them.

POST ENNUI : Cult Ritual are currently out abusing the gap between performer/patron and by checking this list you will opportune a moment to wet clothes over their slick bodies in this summer suntime. Plus, in hopes of satiating the eager lives of play money, the band travels with a Wagnerian lot of in (and out of) bloodline ephemera, so get cash ready and help them move their bolted van along the decks of America's basements and youth spots.