DOOMRIDE Bags from EXORCISE! Finally Available. Finally.

So, here's the complaint : when the fresh cracking June sun starts heating deep your nervous system, moving moisture from the inside meat to the outside shell......it's terrible. Actually, nature is a terrible idea. Especially for those of us who are steady, corny and pretentious in black, the summer is a chateau of suffering and not the ironic kind that our posturing desperately tries to relate to the world. And not unlike most things served in this jerk lunch, there's little anyone can do about it, except be as solar effacing as possible with the commentary shedding some comfort to the subconscious.

I would like to think I can make that personal account of heat hate feed right into the fact that I am writing up this commercial for the new IT'S THE TOTAL DOOMRIDE! tote bag, but....well, I can't. So, let me just say in plain words again : the IT'S THE TOTAL DOOMRIDE tote bag is finalized, finished and ready for your whatever dollars. This is the first item in my new EXORCISE! product line and basic English would have me tell you that it's mainly inspired by my love of old WW2 exploitation films (or Men On A Mission films as Tarantino would say) like Salt in the Wound, The Dirty Dozen (not really exploitation but.....), Castellari's Inglorious Bastards, etc. etc. etc. with a little dose of G.I.S.M. enthusiasm sprinkled in. You may remember me sprouting this image as a graphite drawing last year when it started travelling with the DRAW! Travelling Art Show, which the original piece is still mixed up with.

This "Endless Bummer" version is available in white ink on black tote for as long as the small quantity I had made exists. There may be more made after in numerous colorways, depending on if I think I am as popular with the kids as I would hope to be.