Get Ready, Jungle Heat.

INDULGENCE : The most rote lesson of my 30s is that the triplicate lengths of land splitting memory, coincidence and time is.........off putting. Or maybe it's exciting. Or maybe it just infects the most uncanny spot of a brain that overanalyzes the world-feed to fit a teeming comfort suit, fleshed with all of the fiction I model myself into and after. (Which cryptic or not, makes little sense. But I will keep it in because.....the internet). I know the revelation of "growing older" is a boring stop for those who have or always daywalk civilian and responsibility, but I am usually horrified by how lives can end up falling all over themselves if you keep your neck out long enough. And with that half thought here is what I am really writing about......

THE NIGHT CORRIDOR : Please link, read and worship in front of Jen Hanley's blog, Sleep Deprivation & Stories of My Bullshit Youth (or if you are needing the url : www.gnarlitude.com). When we were brats sweating in Florida, Jen was a crust punk and I was a loud mouth creep. Now that age is cresting through wrinkles, Jen is a specific and seasoned enthusiast for every peak/valley inside fashion (& whatever else inks her tank). And.......I am still a loud mouth creep. Whatever. But from that early bond we recently reconnected and found that we haven't moved much past our youthful interests, just filled them in with the essential bells and whistles for Adult Years.

GRISTLES : After the reconnect, Jen asked if I would redesign the SD&SOMBY header to match her aesthetic excitement (which, again, can be seen when you finger fumble this link). Other than our shared history, I liked the idea of matching my design with her stapled in sincerity. But my main motivation was I connected with her version of where things belong, the similar notes that mash about unrelated counter cultures and the lathering that goes along with every beat of it. She can really get you primed for items in and out of your own preference or personal style and I think that's cool. So, look at her blog and check the sidebars for other places she contributes her writings and observations.