Go West, Flesh.

For those in the bleachers that do not know yet : I am leaving New York and moving to San Francisco. I am doing this.....geez.....in a matter of days, with a estimated docking of around August 3rd. The decision comes at a good time personally, but a goofy time adultly, meaning I am moving without a job fully secured, some leads, but nothing set into direct deposit. SO, this is me casting my net wide to any and all of you faithful friends and readers who may hear/know of something lucrative, exciting, fine enough or at least rent supplementing. Drop me a line (eat(at)steakmtn.com) if you got something (really....I am down for anything, obviously I would love "interesting" but I will take "bank account lathering" just as easily) and I can pass you my VERY professional resume.

See you on the West Coast.