Creamy Satellites

Push the Colon : A new city walled with the discontent for it's atmosphere, clientele and lack of cinematic saturation, a new dayjob slimed in the latex wanderings of former children with pain excitement and a new professional frontier nicked and marred with details that would have excited Steak Mtn ten years prior but right now just seems like a great way to dump life into my money pit. Moving can cause a creative corrosion; a slither, slicked cut into your ambitions. But things are leveling off and it's all becoming the thing you want "new" to become : functional and representative of the effort you put into making it happen. So, onto the update and the clear speak.

Pull the Sock : 2009 has been a dry time for me creatively. It has been nice to play the year pretty low, forgetting that I was so busy for like five years plus. But, the honeymoon is over and I am back to making the soft parts dribble drips into whole pieces. Currently I am sweat shopping two very big things : one obvious and in line with what you expect and one logical but totally not on the wild with making the punk kids swoon. Updates all around after that dick Jesus' birthday, but until that becomes an ash in the calender's camp here are two very awesome things I was apart of during the past year plus that you should check out if you think you want to check it out.

Rome Snowboards. Stan, Minino and myself were all tapped to get extreme in early 2008, by Rome Snowboards. Now on the cusp of Winter 2010, they are reaching the kids who like to hit the white powder with outstretched arms and balanced bodies. If you have any interest in sweating in the cold, spilling your joint juice all through your body machine....and want to do it on some alright looking classic monster modeled Steak designs, then you should travel on this link and see the vamped undead frankenstein'd were-wrapped fish hydes they have for sale.

Interview in ROCKSOUND. As usual with these things I run my mouth about commerce over art, meathead tactics across a drawing board and the comforting feeling of nihilism over PMA. But hey, Haley and the Boys are jumping at you on the front, so fuck it, life is exciting in color......apparently.

GUILTMAKER "Dilemmas" is out now, available on all playable formats here, here. It was recorded a minute ago and is reaching out to bumble your listening life into split ends and blankets. It's a complex, labored record with an energy that seems transmitted from the future. It feels like advanced sonics and something out of the realm of what is happening in biped rock music these days : resonating, thoughtful and epically staged. I really wish everyone could hear it and be excited and to help ancient friends, I designed its elements front to back. Calling past what is normally expected of me and trying something that moves me past the kid who draws monsters for four chorded knights in training. So, I am stoked. The cover is attached below this paragraph. Hit those links linked above to spend the money on something that doesn't sound like it was fakebooked with hope of cool kid advancement.