is a new UK-rooted designing, printing, creatively retentive hub of fright like malevolence. I have lent a horrible hand in their fundraising machinations via designing a two color Risograph print called "Wearing Them for a Cannibal Night in Fear.", well me and a nice number of other design types. That's right I did write Risograph, that antiquated producer of undead printing quality, making all your recent memories of inkjet one offs and mashed pdf four color drabness take a time machine vacation to the 80s and before. And let me say once more I did write fundraiser, meaning the mentioned myself and a small group of line placers and markers are helping the Landfill/Manymono lot make some extra bank account to purchase pieces of a rainbow for the Risograph printer, which will runoff the option of offering their future clients multiple options of printing colors. Oh....I forgot to mention, that the MANYMONO slice of LF/MM are open for business and willing to take your money to print your zine, poster, pamphlet, terrible drawing, Christmas in Summer card, etc.

SO! RECAP! I have made a new Steakcentric, non band piece of "Artwork", a first in a minute it seems and a new direction of photo manipulation started with last years Cult Ritual record and probably ending when I want to do something different a few months from now. Click all the links, links and links, understand the Europe to US sizing (A3) and hit the kids up for the nice nice from me or if you think I am terrible, then from the likes of the other styles and manipulators that LF/MM have group hugged into the basement of their new empire.

Here is my Martino sliced and spurted piece in it's pre-printed computer form. The final can be viewed here and man, did them kids do a nice job on quality control.