Alexis Mackenzie "Dreaming Is Easy"

The Easy Reader :
Alexis Mackenzie's "Dreaming Is Easy" opens March 13th at POVevolving in Los Angeles. The opening is at 7pm. Click HERE to preview the work!

The Hard Rider :
If you, dear reader, are in the Los Angeles area this weekend (Saturday March 13th to shackle the real sharpness of the calender) and want to get your sockets saddled and frayed.....then come on down to Chinatown where Alexis Mackenzie is filling the walls of POVevolving with her new show "Dreaming Is Easy".

Last year's "Never Be Sad" showcased Alexis stepping up her uncanny aesthetic by taking breezy, positive phrases and dressing them in a delicate, anarchic swerve of nature's shrapnel. Flash us to moments away from this post, where "Dreaming Is Easy" finds her riding that installed killing spree by plummeting us viewers into a fresh, florally seared set of sliced and diced human menageries. This new work is a true spectacle of her phantasmagoric touch, disparately hinging on an energy that the description "collage" cannot contain & is best viewed up close and personal.

As I mentioned above, the show opens this Saturday, March 13th at POVevolving in Los Angeles and runs for three solid weeks. Check here for gallery hours if you are LA but cannot make it to the opening.

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