Ancient Lite, Weekly.

Spacial :
I have a new site. It's exciting in a particular tarotorial sort of way, plus the injection of pure goof proofing has made it leg-up for any looker to peel the piecemeal visual history of Steak Mtn. Right. If you misread the link at the outset, or I got too wily opponent with that last sentence, what I mean to tell you is you can see the new site HERE.

Negative :
Light Yourself on Fire's new digital EP is official, on the ramp, finalized in it's triplicate malaise and ready to purchase. Click on this THIS and it will take you to where you need to go and shake some dollars for it. As is my personal and professional history with LYOF, Steak Mtn. has supplied the face for it's digital life. It's funny that we are at this spot in time that I design xeroxed veneered images for records that will never really be printed for the rub & handle.

Nightmares :
Against Me! are currently out in the Canadian tundra with Billy Talent. If you are going to that event in your North North American town, you will see some of the new stage show I have designed : 24x24 stage banner of the White Crosses cover, some grill covers featuring the "signs" that a purchaser will eventually see in the Deluxe version of WC and a new kickdrum head for George that has another melting lady on it. If you are in fact not a show going civilian, can't stomach the boys touring mates or are just waiting for them to return for a US trip, then I will direct you to this youtube vérité shaker which has some bits and pieces of the items. The banner looks like a terror.

Daytime :
I will write more on this this during the week, but Alexis Anne Mackenzie has a new show opening on March 13th at POVevolving in Los Angeles. It's called DREAMING IS EASY & the work for the show can be viewed HERE. So set your body clocks for the March 13th opening Los Angeles, you will want to magnify your night in her phantasmagoric caress.