Steak Mtn. talks Against Me! "White Crosses" : Almost Essay, Mostly Commercial, Total Nonsense.

Welcome back.

As one may have guessed by now, or at least one of the ones that grip attentively to the happenings of Steak Mtn. or more specifically the Steak Mtn. who works for the band Against Me!, or even more more more in the swarm of scaring off your eyes by my endless typing, which is to say I am fully about to be getting out of control with the asides here and should rally the point proper for the reader reading.....Against Me!'s "White Crosses" got viral a few months back but officially bent about to make room for itself in the clutter of the digital music market and/or (for the sum that still enjoy the texture of a physical purchase) gathered into the ten fingers (or less...or more, handicap or mutant, probably more...fucking mutants) of the eager-to-hold-it, earlier this week, Tuesday to be perfect. I would have shuffled this post much much sooner, but I was out of the office all week vacationing minus a computer. And I say all the last detail as if you needed to know/care about that piece of information. Waiting with the baited breath (or is it bat'd breath? I am sure not many vampires read the Steak blog and I might be positive most of the '10's vampiric Grave Wavers prefer the sound of maybe something other then the Against Me! music. Now, I am often wrong and you never know really, they could in fact glean the darkness from WC. Fuck, I see it there and I am stoked, but I am also not a goddamn vampire.) that loves to wallow the depths of this infrequent and fragmented blog. Blog. Still a stupid name for these self indulgent things. The cliche writers were wrong, time does not heal all wounds.

So, yeah, it's out. What does that mean for you? I don't want to speculate but (even if speculating and then judging out of hand is one of the favorite hobbies I get in trouble for) maybe you bought it already because you are a Steak Mtn. fan but not an AM! listener. You got it because you like a brother and I thank you for that blind faith & curiosity, truly. No lies. But more really, you are a fan of the band (and likely have ambivalent lightning in the Steak spot) and you have the record in one of the capacity's I riddled on about above. You have it and you are publicly complaining that it's a pop record and want the scrappy punk sound back and won't take no for an answer even though you could actually just drop it, grow some foresight and move on because no one really cares about how you are glued to hindsight or pragmatically leveling it as the logical evolution of the band or are loving it because fuck it, you love it...which is super-brave past the issue of the subject of this post...I mean, who the fuck loves loves anything anymore? Or moreover, who has the strong swing to publicly love anything anymore? Don't answer that, I actually don't care what you have to say. And regardless and boringly (and back onto the vast chatter about the record), that's basically how human preference, personal opinion and the free will of pop culture works : who cares, you do what you want. You know that, you're a smart kid or at least a cool, informed parent.

And really, no typed enthusiasm about how this is my favorite record cover I have done or how my creative relationship with this band is at one of my favorite spots ever in Steak history or that the cover of "White Crosses" is personally cool to me because it angles against the sonic fiber/pop structure of the record and that is something that I rarely get to do with bands, especially ones the size of AM! or how I really do know it's invalid to be "excited" that a rock act with a "commercial" path got away with a truly "subversive" piece of smeary smut art inside of a giant corporation, as in, I know at this point everyone knows the common case that often no one is actually paying attention to a record cover because the majority of consumers are not consuming a physical product anymore (but a possibly heisted version or at best, really tiny-on-an-MP3-player-screen version of any record are in their ownership) and that's why we might have got away with such an abject image on the cover because it's almost like it doesn't exist.....will or would (and welcome back to the point I was making at the beginning of the run-on.....man, if I was reading right now I would not be reading anymore. Not to insult your attention or nothing, I'm just saying...again, thanks, truly.) boil or cool your want or diswant to purchase (hope, hope) "White Crosses". Really, I am just writing to write, since I don't do it as much Steak commercial campaigning as I use to and this is one of those "big" events in my commercial career that I would like to at least mark with anything that could confuse, anger or shame the older me....when I am the older me, which could be tomorrow. And then I might delete this. Possibly. I think it's a good thing that I keep potential commenters from being able to comment on these posts, it gives it that dessert island flare that I always appreciate in others posts across the internet. I mean, we all know that I am never saying anything of substance in these things usually, it's just a stack of alliteration, tiresome self deprecation and the occasional use of the word "moist" (and if that doesn't fit, "oozing", "dripping", "squeezed" or "sprayed".)

If you have made it this far and are interested in seeing some of the unused art that got dramatically discharged from the construction of "White Crosses", go to this link. It's all in line with the rest of the record, there are no great surprises at all, it's just all stuff that ended up getting run over or discarded or in the rare case, argued over in some capacity....you know who you are, jerk. And if you forgot to buy the record, check Against Me!'s webstore here : HERE, there are a few cool things to purchase, including a "White Crosses" Bundle that includes a tote bag with the front and back cover images, sans fonts. Which I think is cool, because I am a fan of myself in the context of this record's art.
Picture 1.) A stack of all the pieces of paper used to turn "White Crosses" into "White Crosses". It's like Frankenstein. Does that make Against Me! my Igor?
Picture 2.) Two other pictures of two other vantage points of the same stack of paper. I know, impressive. No big deal. I screen grabbed this when they was iChatting.
Picture 3.) The World Famous Contortionist, Jay Leno, holding up a vinyl copy of "White Crosses". It had an obtuse and ark-like effect on his face. Exciting.