Here's Your Warning : TERROR EYES.

"Feast of the Mau Mau" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
The Steak web presence has peaked and splattered. "Being sincere" is a walk when vibrating in person, but the joy of masking is for the Internet, so, fuck it. I promise everyone is in on the same joke with this "Artwork" stuff. Let's get sunny & talk about Minneapolis.

"Oogum Boogum" by Brenton Wood
Crowning & careening past your notice while doing double duty as Living In the Legend for one personable, awesome artist & another that is well, hell, you know the deal, I am here to just fuck around with your attention span if you are willing and my "career" if I am Steak immolating....is the fantastique appearance of new (or new-esque depending on geography) work by my friend Heather Gabel & Steak Mtn., which, Me......but saying me without mentioning Steak Mtn. first makes it seem like we are friends and we are totally not friends Reader, unless in real life, we are & right now you are wishing we were completely not friends in real life because you have to pretend you don't really pay attention to these idiotic blogposts so that you can take me semi-seriously when I say anything at all to you. Don't worry, with the run-on sentence noted, I pretend I don't write these idiotic blogposts most of the time anyway, which means we still have something in common and can continue to be friends. Regardless, because I say regardless a lot to move something past the point of shoddy commercial writing, TERROR EYES is the name of the show and man, it's opening in Minneapolis on Saturday August 28th (8PM tonight of the day I am writing this) at Cult Status Gallery.

1. Heather is hitting you hard with her self-squeezed bevy of buxotic, Frankensteinly fashioned, sew and splatter images that always sharpen to the belfry and beyond.
2. I am trying out some new stuff. Test marketing, taste testing and titularly tightening a stronghold on American Punk Rock's resilience to see everything you do minus the intent and it's strings.

"Voodoo Voodoo" by Laverne Baker
I don't have images of the Steak pieces, as they are mammothy in size & really I just couldn't do it before they had to travel to the Great White North. As far as Heather's work is concerned, I have it on good authority that her work is wooly to my mammothy (see modified -made up- word in first sentence), although she may have some pictures....hit her site up HERE for a checker or more importantly, if you are unfamiliar with her art styling and images. I do however, have the web flyer that features a Heather and some Steak typography. Check it & dude, check all the links in this post, because : TEST. Although I will hit you with all the answers after the fact, so you know, you can cheat and shit.