"DISSONANCE" Group Show, Curated by Alexis Anne Mackenzie.

Dear Art Lovers of Los Angeles,

To your browsing left is the web-flyer for a group show, curated by Alexis Anne Mackenzie and opening at POVevolving on Saturday December 11th. If you have ever been to an "art" opening anywhere in America or......Berlin, then you are familiar enough to know that these things start at 7pm. I can promise this is also the case with DISSONANCE's opening.

And if the web-flyer is read correctly, you will see the show features five artists and someone named "Christopher Norris", which also if read correctly or fuck, with adverse affect to this writer, will reveal that I am showing not under the idiotic Steak Mtn. name but the original one taped to my back in year 000.1. This was at the request of Alexis, who didn't want to have to have her fingers snap & crackle S-T-E-A-K-M-T-N-. into/onto anything involving DISSONANCE. I agree with her and thus this post is twofold announcement and pronouncement, which be so no confusion gets confused if you are looking for that stupid, staunch or sticky Steak Mtn. artwork in your Southern California gallery crawl this Saturday night.

Just so you know the kinks of the story and why you should be at the opening or at least give the space a poke when you are in the Chinatown area of greater Los Angeles this 2010 December, Alexis has constructed a serious denouement for her main event. Here goes the show's lifesblood in direct English :
In music, “dissonance” is a term used to describe elements such as chords, harmonies, and intervals, which have a clashing quality. It is often, by definition, a harsh sound, but one which contributes greatly on many levels to the beauty and expressiveness of music.
Dissonance is intended to explore the similar overlapping/clashing qualities of visual artworks which are neither figurative nor abstract; or both at once. I'm hoping to highlight a certain grey area within which artwork can exist by either definition; wherein abstract sensibilities heavily inform figurative renderings, and vice versa, so that the two become indistinguishable, and can be simultaneously appreciated.

That sounds like you need to be there to me, so see you there!