I Probably Hate You : 2010

If light, dark & the oreo in between ever mattered as an evolving grace of personality, derring-do and/or artistic chops, 2010 would be the mail-order bride to my far flung Frankenstein. But, since time's are in fact and painfully, obviously modern (or modernity via energy or modern maternity via science) and we are all cogging and clogging up the information highway bit by bit, wet on wet and with no longevity past self importance and ego-has-landedness, it really doesn't matter much what I did this year except that when I tell you that it was quite a year, you won't think homeboy is bluffing and you will just believe that I did some stuff via the sample sale lineage of a decade starter below. Get that? It's getting worse, trust me, I know, I mean I am the one writing this crap. And with all the further ado I can mustard onto your toast, here is the Steak Mtn. Year In Review in spades, aces and clubs.....sorry, bullet points, in no order of importance or timeline, just dropped into the shoot and skipped over by you.

Against Me! White Crosses - My Heaven's Gate, the flagship, a body cast of sorts for the Steak year was this project (you can read the nonsense I wrote about it here.). The art and design went from skyscraper to shack so quickly, so sobering-ly, so....well, stupidly that collectively we should have seen it as a witch telling you that you are going to die but your ghost will haunt a mall for three years post. But...no one knows future math, there are no psychics anywhere and here we are : the record looks as solid as it could be under the constraints of a tumbling industry in a tailspin of smash & grab, the band has been "let go" from the corporate infrastructure and well, that's all I know right now.

Fake Problems Real Ghosts Caught on Tape - The other undulating sparkle in the greater gullet of this year's portfolio was this shining step into a style that pitted my....darker (?) (transgressive? abject? boring? repetitive?) sensibilities with a re-papering of Nothing Feels Good-era record designs (for you young kids out there, I am referring to "early" emo record designs, more directly referring to The Promise Ring's only passably terrible record Nothing Feels Good.). I wrote extensively & ghostly about it all here & the portfolio page can be viewed here. Exciting.

Guiltmaker The Emerald Coast - Dude, just go download the fucking record already, man. Here is the art, here is the blog post.

Light Yourself on Fire Sea Legs - Here is the shatter spot from my original March post. It all still applies to your current reality, even in the light fast drip of our time, down here : Light Yourself on Fire's new digital EP is official, on the ramp, finalized in it's triplicate malaise and ready to purchase. Click on this THIS and it will take you to where you need to go and shake some dollars for it. As is my personal and professional history with LYOF, Steak Mtn. has supplied the face for it's digital life. It's funny that we are at this place in time that I design xeroxed veneered images for records that will never really be printed for the rub & handle.

The Weight Nowhere Now - I don't know if this record is actually out yet, as I haven't seen it, but regardless, the design I did dead-on hit a light nostalgia in a dead-on way that I have never hit any nostalgia mark prior, so I am happy with it and am always happy to at least mention the boys and Bryce in a post because, well, I don't hate them at all at all and like to pass traffic in their directions.

• Weirdly enough, I forget that I am an artist...Artist, I mean and to lead with that thought of announcing, two art shows happened in 2010 and one met with the sting of professional abortion/bad luck. Here the write up for the one that Heather Gabel & I did in the Minneapolis. And here is the group show that Alexis Anne Mackenzie put together in Los Angeles that is still up and can be viewed by the living & vacationing of LA. The failed example was a group show called PLAIN AIR put together by Brain from Apenest for Cinders in Brooklyn......my part failed because of the post office eating my art piece. The show looked rad though, great job Brian.

• I am pretty sure I only gave one interview this year & it was for Bomb Magazine's blog via whizzkid Peter Moysaenko. There is not much to say about it other then what I would normally say, but in my defense I don't talk about being a mercenary once in the whole interview.

Today! In Adult Film is the final thing on this year's list, closing credits and all. It's not so much Steak Mtn. related as it is Christopher Norris related and for those that know what I do during the day (or saw what Hanley wrote at Urban Outfitters and/or how McSwain tipped off Vice to post something), already know about the empty, PG-13 pictures I take on set semi-daily for TODAY!. For those that do not but have a tapped or untapped interest in the scenery of pornography over the splashy bits and slushy flesh of porn, should bookmark TODAY! IN ADULT FILM and be ready to look at empty rooms with furniture in them. You might enjoy it but I don't think you can fiddle your beef parts at it. Unless you have a wild imagination and you colorform your own scenes onto the supplied images, because you are preoccupied with the carnal side of humanity. That's legit. Try working that magic on the posted example at the roof of this post.
Things I Know Are Happening in 2011

• Four Steak designs & two Steak/Derek Albeck collaborations for Blood Is The New Black are in the pipeline for Summertime releases. Can't show you pictures yet, but trust me, they look like t-shirts with Steak Mtn. artwork on them.

• Solo show in Los Angeles, in June-ish, at POVevolving. It will be called "Supernatural? Perhaps. Baloney? Perhaps not." Which word to the geeks out there, is yes, a Ulmer/Lugosi/Karloff/Monkees reference in absolute pretentiousness.

And that's it. I don't have a good sign off this year, sorry.