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Ice Cream Man is Plumbing. (NSFW)

Everyone in Southern California (well, Los Angeles) are two months away from seeing the Heather Gabel x Steak Mtn. : SUPERNATURAL? PERHAPS show @ POVevolving. The opening is Saturday, July 9th from 6pm to 10pm. As the pitch swells and soaks the internet....I will be previewing a finger or two from the shuffle of Steak work. If you have seen the flyer, then you have seen the flyer, but the image over there is newish to the internet. It ain't got no name yet, but I am sure it will be something snappy, ironic and/or extending a cryptactical enough approach that keeps the public from talking to the Steak inbox about "what I mean", "where is that from", "will you do artwork for my band", etc. You would think it would work inversely,but I have been lucky penny as fuck these past few years. Maybe it's all the shit I talk about "street art". So, on top of the everything you are looking at today on the layer cake, here are two things that may or may not get you ready to look at more come the month of July. Seymour here : http://steakmtn.com/#1436468/-SUPERNATURAL-PERHAPS


Alt to the Alt : April 9th, 7pm.

I am going to play this post straight and narrow; no histrionics, no chatter, no pike-pulling esophagus slapping. Well, apparently a little, but I aim to ingratiate the setting with a little slippery ease, looking to set a record for writing one of these things in a final-throw phase and not get so complicated. Commercials for things shouldn't be complicated, shouldn't be a riddle to figure out I am trying to sell you something or set an idea as a good one in your head with a litany long in the tooth. And so with that, I am on-this to on-you with some helpful "What am I going to do in Los Angeles on April 9th?" information....which do to some bug in the blogness gets really small and you should get out the magnifying eye Sherlock because remember, I am trying to keep this short in type and upkeep so I can't get all "under the hood" and try to bring up the font size. Ramble.

HERE IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING via the Art Debauchery Organization site :

// ALT to the ALT
// an xxx-themed art event

3501 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles 90065

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

"ALT to the ALT" is an XXX-themed art event showcasing some of the well-respected movers and pornographers within the alt porn industry through their photography and art.

"ALT" is "Alternative". True to the saying, there is an Alternative to everything. The "alt" in adult cinema is an aesthetic difference that showcase the work of these pornographers as artists, rather than playing to the general public's stereotype of the adult industry. By pushing the boundaries of the artform, these artists bring forth the true ALT to the Alt.

Now, I am in this show, as you can see on the Steak designed flyer. The four pieces I have in the show are three original works (one being the one below) and one Risograph print of a photo manipulation I did (of a still from the absolute creepfest PAIN MANIA) for Landfill/Manymono called TENDER LEATHER. Minus me, because we should always minus me, Rae Threat (who is a wicked shutterbug; check her site for some NSFW type darkness) has wrangled, snapped and slopped some fucking awesome artists (who fit the carnal criteria) into Showcave's space : Eon Mckai, Kimberly Kane, Carlos Batts, Courtney Trouble & Bob Coulter. All of these links, may I mention for all your teens reading this blog or day workers stealing time from the "man"....are pornographic in the absolute prurient settle, tone and touch of the word Pornography. So, they are 18+ as fuck and NSFW as hands grab ankles. Beware and all that. But more importantly, COME TO THE SHOW.

Here is a list of important links :

Facebook RSVP for the show.

Curator, Rae Threat's online portfolio.

Rae's Art Debauchery Organization site.


Blood Steak, Part One.

The Graveyard Bell : Here is What You Know - Spring is coming and Summer is creeping in it's freshly minted shadow. This stretch of "Nature" has it's spine centered & driving a familiar, natural course, naturally & it usually leads civilians & creatives to the hope that there's hope for some sort of a personal, maybe professional, possibly supernatural rebirth rubbed from Winter's rumbling, counterintuitive minstrelsy. For the % of us that like the cold because it co-pilots the hiding of our plush figures with 80% laundry and/or we just don't like to sweat and/or we are enemies of the sun, it is founded information that we might not be fans of the molting of North America's frostbitten cycle to a microwaved one. Me? Well, yeah, I fucking hate the Summer/sweating/shorts as men's fashion/sunlight, and that, if you know me or are a good enough judge of lite-read posturing, is not that tough of a call I guess...but awkwardly for me & maybe ironically to those readers, it does facilitate THE optimum atmosphere to see many of the t-shirts I have drawn/designed/fumbled my way through. And so, here we are, it's Summer-Coming-Fire time and I have some new non-band branded shirts spilling out in 2x double seasonal doses via Los Angeles' textile empire, Blood Is The New Black.

The first two that are up now are up now for order......the next two should be up at some point soon and are equally, obviously Steakish in their handling of bum-outs, dark art, gallows humor, side-saddling, moral twilight, etc. And once they are all four fingers in the air, I will write up an emotional journal of a journey's intention and how my sincere pencil is mapping the night sky with every single feeling I have about about fun, dancing, relationships, romance & tanning one's supple skin under God's great architecture......but until then, feast your holes on the first two up for sale over at BITNB.


"Supernatural? Perhaps." : Eggs Laid.

I wish it was spelled Layed. Anyway, Here is the flyer for Heather Gabel and I's upcoming show in Los Angeles at POVevolving. The opening is July 9th, 7pm to probably 10pm. We are doing something different this time around, where we will be showing new artwork in the front room & then in POV's project room, Heather and I will be covering the walls in all the bits and pieces, discarded xeroxes, original drawings, nausea that we have used in both of our ten plus years of illustrating and designing records, shirts, ephemera for punk, hardcore and rock bands.

Click the image for a larger look.