Ice Cream Man is Plumbing. (NSFW)

Everyone in Southern California (well, Los Angeles) are two months away from seeing the Heather Gabel x Steak Mtn. : SUPERNATURAL? PERHAPS show @ POVevolving. The opening is Saturday, July 9th from 6pm to 10pm. As the pitch swells and soaks the internet....I will be previewing a finger or two from the shuffle of Steak work. If you have seen the flyer, then you have seen the flyer, but the image over there is newish to the internet. It ain't got no name yet, but I am sure it will be something snappy, ironic and/or extending a cryptactical enough approach that keeps the public from talking to the Steak inbox about "what I mean", "where is that from", "will you do artwork for my band", etc. You would think it would work inversely,but I have been lucky penny as fuck these past few years. Maybe it's all the shit I talk about "street art". So, on top of the everything you are looking at today on the layer cake, here are two things that may or may not get you ready to look at more come the month of July. Seymour here : http://steakmtn.com/#1436468/-SUPERNATURAL-PERHAPS